Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Duty... Page 2

“I’m heading to the gym. Are you gonna be okay?”
“Y-yes.” She hesitates before taking his hands in hers, “I’m not sorry I called you, Alex.”
“It’s cool Pauline. You belong with Hank. We both know it. Don’t stress yourself out about last night. It never happened. You had too much to drink, I only brought you here so you could sleep it off.” He gave her hand a soft squeeze, “It’s all good.”
Pauline was so torn, she looked up at him gratefully, her eyes haunted. “You’re really one of the good ones Alex. If only…”
Jayden chuckles, “I’m not ‘good’, Pauline.” He pulls her in to his embrace, their eyes locked, his hands resting easily and familiarly on her lower back. Their bodies meshing together naturally, “I just know you belong with Hank… that’s all. No more tempting me… I may not say no… then where will you be?”

Pauline didn’t fight him, she didn’t move away nor break his intense gaze, her finger tips slid lightly up and down his strong arms. She struggled with her wants and needs. Her breathing became more erratic as her heart raced, “Right where I am now. In your arms, seconds away from your lips, steps away from your bed…” She lifts her lips to him in an offering, she wanted those lips, she wanted to feel them once more… sober… to memorize each moment, for they will be the last time she will ever taste him or touch him again.
Jayden growled deeply, his lips on her exposed neck. He could feel her racing heartbeat. His voice husky, “Pauline…”
She pressed her body against his, moving against his groin, whispering her need to him. Her pert breasts rubbed against his hard chest, her nips grew harder with her excitement, “Please, Alex. Don’t deny me. After this I go back to Hank… I need this… I need you.”

Their kiss was hot, deep, sensual and animalistic in their need for each other. Their hands roaming each other’s bodies, her nails raking across his back, he hisses as he lifts her tiny frame. Instantly she wraps her legs around his waist, clinging to him as he staggers towards the bed. “No mercy, Alex. Make me remember this day forever.”

Jayden tosses her across the bed, tears off his sweats, before using his body to pin her down, “No mercy?” He smiles mischievously, a hard glint in his steely eyes, “You’ll be begging me to stop…”
She gasps in delight, “Promise?”
“Promise.” He positions himself between her supple thighs, she lifts her hips urging him to take her and keep his promise.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yay, Alex got himself a job!

Uh oh. I can see where this is heading already. Pauline is drunk-dialing.

Wow, these dream sequences are getting pretty confusing.

*fans self* Girl everytime you write it just gets hotter! *wink*

SuziCat said...

Yikes, you were right about it being steamy! You could write romance novels! *grabs petalbrook's fan to fan self*

DebC said...

Whoa! *fans self* What a development that is!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Congrats on getting a job, Alex/Jayden!

Hmm, so, is he gonna get a job -and- get laid in the same night? *waggles her eyebrows* She doesn't know where to put her car? *blinks confusedly* (And yes, it's quite clear she was drunk!)

Who's taking note of distinguishing features? Jayden or the cabbie? *raises one eyebrow*

Well, that wasn't exactly who I was expecting. I was thinking it was going to be his work-out buddy, not the woman who's been throwing herself at him.

Geeze, he's such a pushover. Either that or very devious. *grins* Was he ever chivalrous? Not that I think I can really blame him, much as I'd like to.

Dude, she's drunk and horny, you're fondling her in the cab, and then you tell her nothing's gonna happen? Tease! Well, there then. At least he's not going to leave her hanging after implying she was getting some. (Although she shouldn't be, since she is married!)

Good to see he's got a conscience, even if it's in the form of dreams about his ex. It's too bad he won't listen to his dream girl.

He had sex with a married woman when she was incredibly drunk. That's NOT one of the "good ones!" Huh. Okay, she's not one of the "good ones" either, cheating on her husband like that. *tsks loudly*

If her husband is all vanilla or into his career, she's never going to be happy with just one romp in the hay with Alex/Jayden. *shakes her head*

Thoroughly entertaining reading, thank you! :-D

MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

Wow, that is hot. So working on another update? Yesh??