Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorry wrong number.

Work has become a new part of his daily routine. Meeting the coaches and some of players while he assisted in the field upkeep was turning out to be beneficial. He made some good contacts and has made an impression on the coaches as a reliable ‘go-to’ guy.
Now that he’s got a job things were rolling along for Jayden. He had a steady income, along with his personal trainer income, he had his lot, he found a floor plan which allowed room for growth and construction was to begin soon. Something was still missing and it nagged at the back of his mind.

He apologizes to the young lady as his phone rang again. She tries to smile yet is clearly annoyed at being interrupted. “I’ll be right with you. Why not take a look at the meeting area. You’re sure to find some refreshments if you’d like.”
With that he turns his back on her intent on answering his insistent phone as it annoyingly rings once more. “Armstrong.” He snaps, his voice was a bit harsher and impatient than intended.
Jayden tenses at once. Why didn’t he look at the caller ID before answering? He always looks. Keep it simple, keep it forward, get off the phone and back to work. He clears his throat before responding, “Speaking.”
“I’m sorry if I’m interrupting anything important…” she momentarily hesitates feigning concern.
Jayden smirks, “Right. What can I do for you?”
You could almost hear Pauline’s discomfort. “I won’t keep you long. I just wanted to tell you Hank postponed our wedding.”
Jayden’s smirk fades. His brow knits in thought.

How to respond to this bit of news? While he was curious as to Hanks reasons, he was also acutely aware of the young woman trying to get his attention. There is also the question of why was Pauline calling him to give him this news personally? What is her game? What did she intend to accomplish with this insight she has given?
“Alex?” Pauline sighs exaggeratedly, “Alex did you hear me?”
Jayden’s mind raced, “Yes, I heard you.” He paused as a thought struck him, Hank knows. He shrugs his broad shoulders, water under the bridge if he does. It happened months ago.
Pauline’s voice raised an octave or two as panic sets in. “Is that all you’re going to… Hank is suspicious. He won’t straight out accuse me, but he gives me odd looks… not to mention… well…”
“Pauline, now isn’t a good time. I am with a potential client.”

Her shrill voice pierced through his ear as her panic hits an all time high, “Client? You’re worried about your client as my world falls apart? Alex, I’m pregnant!”
Jayden’s eyebrows raise, his eyes widen in utter surprise and he finds he’s utterly speechless. “I… you’re…”
Pauline has lost control and breaks down in tears, her sobs muffle her mutterings in to incoherent rants. Jayden lets out his breath slowly still taking in everything she had said up until he couldn’t understand her any more. “Pauline…” He tries several times to break through to her over her grumbling. “Calm down, Pauline. I haven’t a clue what you’re rambling on about.”

“I don’t know what to do, Alex!”
“Pauline, relax. Things will work out. Hank loves you. He will come around and be a good dad.” Jayden had lowered his voice in order to keep others from listening in. Last thing he needed was the rumors to start.
“I can’t lose Hank, I won’t… I… I just won’t!” Pauline breaks down in to fresh tears. “I need you to stay away from my baby, Alex! Promise me.”
Jayden was floored. Did they use protection? His mind raced backwards trying desperately to remember if he had, only to come up blank. He couldn’t recall. They must have. Surely…

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