Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Duty calls

Bills, bills, more bills… he opens the lid of the trash can and rifles through the mail. Bill, tucks it under his arm; junk, tosses it in the trash; he continues through the mail until one catches his eye. He stops, reads the return address once more and his eyes widen.
Quickly he opens the envelope, half expecting it to be a straight out rejection. After all, what does he know about caring for a soccer field? His eyes scan the letter picking out key words here and there until they reach near the end, he finds the words he was looking for. “Yes!” He pumps his fists in the air dropping the bills on the ground. They’ll have to wait until his first paycheck anyhow. ‘Paycheck’ ah the word has a great ring to it. He is finally gainfully employed. While it isn’t the job of a life time, it is a paying job and that is what counts. Looking around his lot he can’t help but grin. Things are definitely looking up.
His mind races with ideas of his future home. Living room here, a dining room there, maybe a bedroom over there and a bathroom or three scattered around for convenience. Later a garage can be built off to the side, with a car or two inside. He closed his eyes envisioning his future home. His thoughts shatter as his phone rings.

His cell phone rings again. He recognizes the number showing on the caller ID immediately. Clicking the phone he answers, “Armstrong.”
“Hi Alex!” His eyebrow quirks in amusement her usual sing song voice on the other end is a bit slurred and exaggerated tonight.
“And what are you up to tonight?”
“I need you.” A small crash of glass can be heard in the background and a bit of cursing. Jayden chuckles as he listens, her voice urgent and lowered, she rushes on, “oh my stars, Alex! I can’t do it. I need your help. I don’t know where I put my car and…” a long pause is heard as she gathers her thoughts, “I think I had too much…”
He rolls his eyes and laughs, he finally gets a few more details out of her and instructs her to stay put. “Don’t move. I’ll be right there.”

Jayden sits quietly in the back of the cab. The cabbie doesn’t bother with small talk, simply concentrating on the windy road from his lot towards downtown. He shoots a questioning look at Jayden but doesn’t question him further. No point really, he’s getting paid regardless of what his intentions are. He takes another quick glance making note of any distinguishing features just in case.
Jayden does his best to ignore the cabby. Breathing a sigh of relief as the bistro comes in sight. Just as directed he sees her standing where she was, not moving… much… he makes note of her sway as she struggles to stand still.
“Keep the meter running, I have to pay her tab…” He tosses §5 on the front seat, “your tip gets bigger the longer it takes me to get back to you. Deal?”
The cabby raises an eyebrow, grabs the money and looks at the small wad in his hand. He shrugs noncommittally, “You’re the boss.”

Jayden steps out of the cab, walks towards her. She spots him and squeals happily. “You came for me!” Her words drawn out and slurred, he shakes his head.
“Of course I did. I still don’t know why you called me… but I can’t leave a friend to her own devices… especially when you’re as drunk as you are.”
She stomps her foot in protest, knocking her balance off kilter she sways and pouts, “I. am. not. not… drunk!”

Jayden sighs and walks past her towards the bistro to pay for any tab she may have. She can owe him… oh she owes him… she owes him big for this one. “Meter is running Pauline. How much do you owe them?”
“Owe who?”
Jayden shoots her a glance and stifles a laugh. “You may want to stay in the fresh air, it will do you some good. I’ll be right back.” Just inside the bistro, Jayden met up with the host and updated him on the situation, offering to pay Pauline’s tab and for any damages she may have caused.

“Let’s go.”
“Home, Pauline, I’m taking you home…” She pouts like a little girl, her pigtails accentuating the childish act, Jayden can’t help but grin, “Where is Hank? Why didn’t you call him?”
“He’s on duty.” She waves a dismissive hand, “I can’t bug him with my immature, behavior every time I want attention.”
“You’ve got that memorized. I take it he’s said it often.”

“Alex? Take me home… please…”
“That’s what I’m trying to do. Come on. Let’s get you home.”
Pauline looks at him with wild eyes, shakes her head rapidly, her pigtails flailing back and forth, “Nooooooooo… I don’t want to be alone, please don’t make me.” She flings her body to his, pressing her body against him and clings to him desperately. Jayden wraps his arms around her keeping her on her feet. Her whimpers muffled in his chest.
Jayden sighs, “you should have called Hank.”

“Come on, lets get you home.”
“Your home?”
Jayden stares at her for a moment and shrugs, “Ya come on…”
Pauline squeals in delight once more and bounces, “Thank you! It wont be horrible, you’ll see!”

They sat quietly on the ride back to his lot. ‘It won’t be horrible.’ Jayden glances her way once more wondering what ‘it’ is and why it would be horrible in the first place.
She sits anxiously, oo’ing and aw’ing at each house they pass. “Hey that’s the Laandgrab house!” She points excitedly, jabbing at the window.
Jayden chuckles, “I know. They’re my neighbors.”
She gawks at their home, wide eyed and innocently, “Really?”

Pauline squirms in her seat excitedly, “What are they like? Are they nice? I think they would be snooty. I mean they’re so rich!”
Jayden raises an eyebrow, watching her skirt hike higher and higher on her bare thighs. His thoughts of chivalry far from his mind at that moment, he reaches over placing his hand on her knee, sliding it up her supple thigh.
“Oh!” Pauline is clearly taken by surprise by his sudden interest and bats her eyes at Jayden. She takes hold of his hand guiding it under her skirt, sliding closer to him on the back seat. His eyes never leaving her body, she watches him for a reaction.
He playfully tugs at her panties, “We’re here.”
She whimpers and tugs at the cab door leaving Jayden to settle things with the cabby.

Pauline looks at the mostly empty lot a bit confused, she sways on her feet and turns to Jayden for answers. “What happened to your house?”
Jayden shrugs, “I haven’t built it yet. The land is paid for and eventually I’ll build a suitable house.”
Pauline steps closer falling in to his arms, “So you live on your lawn… we can make love under the stars…”
“Whoa, slow down Pauline… there will be no ‘love making’ under the stars or otherwise. You need to sleep this off.”

Jayden held her to him, he fought his urges but his body betrayed him. He tried everything he could think of to stifle his urges, his mind raced from one disgusting thing to another, ‘dead babies, Agnes Crumplebottom,’ his manhood stirred, okay maybe not Agnes.
She giggled and moved her hips against him, “Something tells me you don’t want me to sleep it off either.”
“Pauline…” He tried dissuading her, his words fell on deaf ears.

Pauline moans softly, “Alex, don’t make me beg…”
Jayden sighs knowing his own needs and desires are matching hers. He would rather she be fully aware when he took her but there is always the morning for round 3 or 4. “What if I want you to beg, Pauline? What if that’s exactly what I want you to do?”
She whimpers once more, “Then I’ll beg… is that what you want?”
He grins mischievously, his lips inches from hers, “No. It isn’t what I want, Pauline.”
Her voice soft, breathless, “What do you want, Alex?”

Jayden pulls her in to his embrace, pressing their bodies together. He kisses her deeply, tasting the alcohol on her lips. Their tongues dancing the dance of passion and hunger. His hands roam lower taking hold of her ass, he pulls her to him, letting her feel how much he wants her.


“Jayden, what are you doing?”
He looks at her stunned, “What do you mean, what am I doing?”
She looks behind her pointedly and back at him, “You know what I mean.” She takes a bite of her burger, chewing thoughtfully. “I thought better of you. I suppose I gave you too much credit.”
He stares at her dumbfounded, “Give me a break! She threw herself at me. I didn’t pursue her, that was all her doing.” He takes a big bite and begins chewing defiantly.
She stares at her tasteless sandwich in thought, “Perhaps… perhaps not… your flirting was far from innocent. You led her on. If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have been the one she called and you aren’t the one who she called out to…” She looks over her shoulder once more, setting her burger on the plate. “She loves Hank. You both know that. She’s going to regret this in the morning. Are you willing to let her go back to him when the sun rises?”

He looks back at his sleeping self, noting how she had moved out of his arms. “I haven’t had a warm body in my bed in a long time. I guess I just wanted that again.”
She laughs in amusement, “That isn’t all you wanted again… but yes, that is something you crave.”
“Why are you doing this?” He looks back at her, puts his tasteless burger down and waits for an answer. “Why now? You’ve never done this to me before.”

She shrugs and smiles, “You’ve never brought a woman home before. You’ve been, in your own demented way, faithful to that ungrateful bitch back in Riverview.”
Jayden burst out laughing, “Okay now I know you’re my dream girl and all, but seriously, that was harsh.” He shakes his head still chuckling and leans back, “So now what? What am I going to do with that one?” He nods behind him towards the sleeping duo.
“You already know the answer to that.” She pulls her knees up and hugs them to her, she stares at him thoughtfully, “Not that you’ll listen to me. You’ve already made up your mind…”
Jayden grins quietly, he lay back on his elbows and looks up at the stars, “Perhaps.”
She laughs and smacks his leg, “You are going to burn in hell.”
“Been there, done that… they have a room reserved just for me.”

Jayden reaches out and pulls her towards him, kissing her neck softly, his arm snugly wrapped around her middle before he bites her shoulder playfully. She moans softly as she stirs, groaning instantly as the sun is rising and becoming brighter every minute. Disoriented, she opens her eyes, visually taking in her surroundings. She gasps as bits and pieces of the night’s events come flooding back to her.
“Did we…” She left the question hanging unsure how to approach the subject. She closes her eyes, willing the answer to be yes, yet dreading it at the same time. He chuckles softly in to her neck.
“It couldn’t have been that memorable if you have to ask.” Jayden moves his hand from her waist to her hip giving it a quick squeeze before attempting to roll over.
“I thought I was dreaming! It was such a vivid dream!”
Jayden laughs and smacks her ass. “It wasn’t a dream, Pauline.”

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Sally said...

Hehe - this line mademe laugh out loud: "his mind raced from one disgusting thing to another, ‘dead babies, Agnes Crumplebottom,’ his manhood stirred, okay maybe not Agnes"

MPD-Designer--Jenn said...

ahaha I think the dead babies and Agnes Crumple bottom line was awesome!

Very steamy here...rawr.