Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drink... Page 2

One lazy afternoon, Jayden found himself jogging through town. He found he enjoyed his jogs. It was a great time for reflection and solitude, peace and tranquility. No pressures, no expectations and no phone.

He narrowed his eyes spotting a woman in trouble. The man beside her was in a bit of a panic. He debated crossing the street, avoiding the whole situation moments before he heard her cry out in pain. “Ooooooooooooooooow!” His eyes widen, he recognizes her voice. Picking up his pace he reaches her in time to hear his idiotic ramblings.
“Holy boop! You cant’ have a baby on the street!”
“He he hoo. He he hoo.” Panic took over, the pain was not lessening, it was becoming more intense. “You… hoo… are, he he… not hoo…helping!”

The man beside her did not stop, he began panicking even more. “Holy boop, holy boop. Dude! What do we do?”
She holds her belly with both of her hands, rubbing it and groaning. “Nothing…. he he… uuuuuuh! Go away!”
Jayden approached cautiously, taking in the scene before him. He made eye contact with the woman, she appeared to be looking right through him, not seeing him at all. She was so focused. He turns to the panicking man, “Call the police department, not 911. Ask for Officer Hank…” He stares at Pauline, “What is his last name?”
Pauline cries out once more, the pain ripping through her.

Jayden tries to get through to her again, “Pauline! What is Hank’s last name?”
Pauline breathes, and huffs, “Off… Off… uhhhh… Hank Prescoooooooott…” Tears were in her eyes, threatening to fall. She could barely stand let alone move of her own volition.
“Right. Call the police department, ask for Officer Hank Prescott, tell him his wife-”
“Right, his fiancée is in labor and he is needed at the hospital, ASAP.”
Without waiting to see if he did as asked, Jayden hails a cab, scoops up Pauline and puts her in the back seat. The cabbie takes one look and groans. “Lemme guess, the hospital?”
Jayden gives him an apologetic grin and nods. “Sorry man, I suggest you step on it.”

Arriving at the hospital, Jayden fumbles for his missing wallet and looks apologetically at Pauline. She hands him her wallet and struggles out of the taxi. Paying the man, he shrugs and follows her. “Pauline, your wallet. Listen good luck.”
Pauline’s eyes widen, her head whips around in utter dismay. “You can’t leave me like this. I can’t do this alone.”
Jayden was torn. He knew she needed him. Yet there she was, the first of many women in this town that used him. He shook his head and chuckled at himself. He hadn’t exactly been the model person either. “Fine. Let’s go.”
Pauline was relieved, “Thank you, Alex.”

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Anonymous said...

I like Judy, she's such a sweetie.

lol @ panicky guy, why am I so amused at the over-the-top-ness of labor in this game?

dun, dun, dun! Why do I have a feeling that Hank is going to arrive on the drama bus?

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Ouch, that is harsh. True, but harsh. Hopefully he'll figure out who he wants for his partner.

Let who go? That woman he was ranting about at the start of this, who was getting ready to marry someone else? (And is Jayden going to some day meet this dream woman of his? Maybe she's who he's been waiting for?)

I'm glad he's finally coming to terms with what he's let happen to his life and taking steps to fix it.

Good to see he's just friends with at least one woman. And I hope those are the only rumors going around town about him!

*grins at the whole conversation between Jayden/Alex and Judy* HAHAHA! Yes, that is such a 'guy' thing to say! *snickers*

Hopefully between his dream woman and Judy, he can get back on the right track and find someone to settle down with and be happy.

And that was such a huge (and very sweet) compliment he paid Judy! *melts* She does seem to be a keeper. Her husband's a lucky man.

Dude, you obviously take her to a hospital, you doofus. Good, glad Jayden/Alex stayed sane and helped her out.

Ooo, yeah, probably not a good idea, going in with her though. Hank is NOT going to be happy! (And will never believe you ran into her by accident or that you two haven't been seeing each other all along.) I strongly suspect this is gonna come back and bite you in the backside, bub. *shrugs*

Tracy said...

Wow.. excellent writing.
I love the sequence between him and his 'dream girl'.

Also, nice interaction with Judy and her kids. I'm glad he has women friends who are really friends and not just using him.

Well, you know, Hank might not read anything bad into it..sure, he'd rather it were any other guy but "Alex", but when push comes to shove, "Alex" got Hank's woman (and child) to the hospital safely..ya know?

SuziCat said...

I am thinking that maybe Judy's husband will have an "unfortunate accident" or something and she will be available for Jayden. :-)

I suspect that Jayden is the real dad, since the game seems to have had him accompany her to the hospital! :-)