Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the right track?

His cell phone rang again. He looked at it for a while allowing his eyes to focus at the caller ID staring at an unknown phone number. Clicking the phone he answers, “Armstrong.”
He grew quiet as he listened; it was a soft voice, feminine, smooth, silky, lilting. “Good morning, am I speaking with the man of the house? I represent-”
He blinked and tried harder to concentrate on what she said. “Not intere-”
The voice on the other end cut him off, the smoothness fading quickly as she became desperate. “Yes, I realize this may not be the most opportune time to call and for that I do apologize, if you could just give me a moment of your time I am sure that-”
He rolls his eyes and sighs, “Listen, I tried being polite. Don’t force me to be rude.”
There was a short pause on the other end of the line. “Thank you for your time.”
He smiled despite himself, “You’re welcome. You have yourself a great day now.”
Another short pause, it was as if he could almost hear her smile. “You’re very kind. I hope your day is wonderful as well.”
He hung up; found himself grinning at the phone.

His eyes scanned the want ads, falling quickly to the bottom ad for stadium workers. Jayden gave a bit of a snort. He would have to be a bit desperate to work at the stadium in any way other than an athlete. A fly flew past his face. He looked around him and chuckled. Well now, he appears to be desperate.
As he went to toss the paper aside a rather large photo of a grinning buffoon caught his eye or more accurately the very familiar beautiful brunette clinging to his arm staring adoringly up at him is what caught his eye.
Turning to the page he felt his stomach flip. ‘Most Eligible Bachelor will Marry at Last.’ With wide eyes he read on, shaking his head in disbelief. Constance, she wouldn’t… she couldn’t! He dropped the paper staring at his empty hands. “That bitch.” He walked towards his garden and punched an apple tree. He hissed as the bark cut in to his knuckles and punched it again. His mind numb, his knuckles going numb, he hit the tree again and again until he heard the distinct crack of the young sapling tree trunk.
He stared at his hands briefly, threw on his sweats and shoes before heading out for a jog.

Jayden did his best thinking when he ran. Usually… Only today he ran all day and into the night feeling as if he hadn’t a coherent thought in his head. He heard nothing around him but his muttering thoughts. Was he really angry with Constance? No. Did he blame her for moving on and finding someone new and replacing him so easily? He grit his teeth and seethed, he wouldn’t mind so much had it been anyone else. Lothario… Constance Lothario… it was so wrong in so many ways.

It was about an hour later that he felt his body protest very loudly. He headed towards home, his empty lot. Clenching his fists he resolved to do something at last about this life he had been handed. He will go after that job at the stadium, he will build a home, and he will get on with his life. If Constance could manage it, he could manage it. After all, he was a resourceful kind of guy. He’s lived and survived and relatively prospered on his lawn so far.


“Aren’t you hungry?”
She smiled softly, hesitant in her response. She looked at the basket of goodies and wrinkled her nose. “I don’t think I can eat.” She bit her lip thoughtfully, “I…”
Mid bite he paused, “What is it, Babe?” He didn’t like this, he didn’t like this at all, something was wrong, something was off, he suddenly felt sweaty, and nervous. “Whatever it is, we’ll deal with it together, okay?”
She took a deep breath and blurted out her news, “I’m pregnant!” He put down his food and took her hand, she was shaking, he lifts her hand to his lips, kissing it softly and giving it a soft squeeze.
“Babe, it’s okay, hell its great.” Well not really, his stomach was pitching and rolling, he felt sick to his stomach and wanted to hurl. His forehead broke out in a sweat; he wiped his palms on his jeans pretending there were crumbs from his burger.
He stood up shakily from the blanket and took a few steps. He took a deep breath of the fresh air. “Ya… this is… great… so we, uh… yanno, raise the kid together and stuff.” He turned and looked at her, gave her a lopsided smile and reached out his hand to her.

She slowly walked to him, he took her hand in his, kissed it once more before going down on one knee, “So this is the part where I beg you to be mine. To offer you a… a ring…” He patted his pockets and found a square shape in his pocket… well now that was convenient. He pulled out the box and held it for her to see.
“Babe. I uh… you know… and I hope you… well, accept this and we can live together and happily raise our brood.”
She stares dumbfounded and surprised, her eyes never leaving the small box expectantly, waiting for him to reveal its contents to her.

He opens the box not sure what is inside. From her response he supposes it must be good, she tears up in her excitement, her hands fly to her full lips, squealing happily, “Yes! Oh yes!”
The sweat gets worse, he feels so hot, he can feel how flush his skin must be. He draws the back of his hand across his forehead, the heat from his skin surprising him. She’s holding out her hand to him expectantly, barely containing her joy.
He looks in the box at the object shining so brightly, his eyes close to slits as he strains to see it. Reaching in to the box his fingers touch something hard, cold, smooth, and vibrating. Groaning he answers the phone.
“Armstrong.” His voice was husky with sleep.
The voice hesitates, “Alex Armstrong?”
“This is Gina from Sunnyvale Stadium. We read over your application and would like to schedule an interview for Monday, say 10 am?”
Jayden sat up fully alert by this time and agreed immediately. He thanked her for the call and they hung up. He looked up at the sky and the sun that beat down on him. How late was it? He looked around him, it had to be at least noon.


He gave her a grin, “Pauline, looking as beautiful as ever.”
She smiles back beaming, “Hi Alex.” Her sing-song voice exaggerating his name as usual, “when are you going to give in and go out with me?”
Jayden chuckles, gives her a knowing wink, “Maybe sooner than you think.”
She stops their usual flirty banter and stares at him stunned, “Really?”
He shrugs his broad shoulders, “Only if you were serious.”
Pauline is flustered and flattered, “Wow.” She tries desperately to figure out if he really meant it or not but can’t read his face. She bites her lip self-consciously, her mind racing.
He looks around distracted, “Have you seen Madison?”

Pauline sighs dramatically, “Why would I care, Alex, really?”
Jayden raises an eyebrow, “What kind of response is that? Madison is a great girl… besides, I told her I’d train her today.” He looks around once more not seeing her, “at least I thought it was today…”
This bit of insight gives Pauline renewed hope, “That is so sweet of you, Alex.” She glances around quickly, “Ya I don’t see her so you can skip training with her today and take me to an early dinner?”
Jayden chuckles, playfully pulls one of her pigtails, “Your fiancĂ© wouldn’t care for that in the least.” He presses his lips to her forhead, kissing her softly, “I’m gonna get a work out anyhow. I’m getting too soft around the middle. Too much fast food!”
Pauline sighs softly watching his retreating back, “If only more men looked as ‘soft’ as you…”

Jayden was pumped, he loved working out. It made him feel alive. To his surprise Madison did eventually show up at the gym. “Well now, and where have you been?” His intense gaze devouring her.
Madison giggled nervously under his scrutiny, her face flushed with her soft blush, “I’m sorry I didn’t make it earlier.”
He brushed the hair from her eyes and grinned, “It’s okay. You know me, I still get a good work out.”
She bit her lip and allowed her eyes to take in his form briefly before that heated blush returned, “Yes. I see.”

Jayden raised an eyebrow, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were blossoming, Madison. My shy flower… are you budding? Is it time for you to show your potential and possibly bloom?”
She giggled once more, lowering her eyes, not meeting his gaze and nodded shyly. Her voice soft, almost a whisper, “I did what you told me to do.”
She glanced around nervously praying they weren’t over heard. Her voice so low he leaned in to hear her. He grinned triumphantly, “And?”
She flushed once more, her voice caught in her throat, her knees weak she looked up at him with her innocent wide eyes, “It’s why I didn’t make it to our work out session. I can’t seem to stop.” She looks around again utterly embarrassed.
He gently kisses her cheek whispering in her ear, “Soon, you wont be alone…”

Her breath catches in her chest, “Will you…”
She looks at Jayden hopefully leaving her request unspoken. The hunger, fear, and uncertainty burn in her eyes matching the hunger in his. He slides his arms around her pulling her body to his, ignoring the sweat from his work out, she shivers at his touch, he inhales deeply, sliding his hands down to her lower back and grabbing her hips firmly in both hands, “Only a fool would say no to an offer like that.”
She whimpers, her breathing shallow, her full breasts heaving she tries to speak, her voice cut off with a gasp. He pulls her to him firmer, pressing himself against her showing her how much he wants her. Her voice raspy with her emotional and physical need for him, “Alex…”

Pressing his lips to hers, their soft kiss grows in passion and hunger. Tongues dancing, her splayed hands tentatively touching his back become more bold the longer the kiss lasts. She allows him to explore, trying to mimic him and his intensity. At last he pulls back and looks at her, his intense gaze burns through her, “You learn quickly.” He presses his groin against her, once more showing her his desire for her.
“Tonight?” Her eyes search his hopefully, “Maybe?”
He kisses her forehead and shakes his head. Softly kissing her full lips once more, “You’re not ready for me yet.” He releases her, stepping back and smiling. “You’re hunger is only beginning… soon, my flower… very soon.”

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Anjel76 said...


I'm so CONFUSED!!!
Is he dreaming all of this stuff? Is this stuff actually happening??
Is some of it real and some of it a dream??


SuziCat said...

I second Ange's response!

WTF??? :-)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Well now, this is off to an interesting start. *rubs her hands together* Who's the most eligible bachelor and who's Constance? Oh, goodness. Yeah, I don't blame any guy for getting peeved about losing a girl to Don.

Wow, I guess at least he's putting on a good front with her news? (Is this a flashback?) Okay, so that was a dream, I'm guessing of how he'd wished he'd reacted to her news? And what's with the Alex Armstrong, but his name is Jayden?

Pauline, shame on you! You're engaged to be married!

Oh, goodness, and just what is it that's going on with Jayden/Alex and Madison here? *blinks*

Why do I have a bad feeling he's playing with her? He'll deflower her and leave her? I hope his attraction is real and not just the thrill of the hunt.

Sally said...

Hmm... I wonder what Jayden's planning for young Madison?!

I agree - the dreams are confusing me! I mean why's he dreaming about marriage?

And most important question of all - why doesn't Jayden ever wear a shirt (not that I'm complaining)?!