Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Days went by...

Days, weeks, months flew by since Jayden arrived in Sunnyville. He had fallen in to a rut. His mornings were filled with gardening, he went to the market to sell his surplus vegetables, then to the gym to work out, shower and take care of his basic needs, last he would visit the library to look for a decent floor plan. He was looking scraggly. He hadn’t shaven and was in need of a haircut. One day as he looked in to the mirror at the gym, he didn’t know who it was staring back at him.

The next morning he rose before the sun, cared for his garden until the hunger pangs hit. He winced and grabbed at his stomach sighing softly. The all too familiar waves of nausea washed over him. He waited for it to pass gripping the apple tree branch for support.
Slowly he pulled himself upright, inhaling the fresh air deep in to his lungs. He watched fascinated at the colors of the sky while the sun rose. “Beautiful…”

Grabbing an apple from the tree he bit in to it, chewing slowly. He stood at the top of his cliff watching a boat sail many miles beneath him. Fascinated with the mysteries of life, he began fantasizing lives for these unknowns. The red boat is filled with beautiful women wearing skimpy bikinis, lathering sunscreen on each other’s skin. He grinned imagining them.
He spotted a large white yacht knowing it would most definitely have scantily clad women and more sunscreen to be…
He abruptly cut off his train of thought, shook his head and laughed at himself. He needed woman. He turned back to his garden, grabbing his sack of vegetables to be sold at the market and headed for town.

Jayden went for a jog. He was on his way to the library once more to peruse the internet for floor plans in hopes to find a suitable home. He cut through the park as he customarily did, only to plow in to a woman. His mind so occupied he hadn’t noticed her. He knocked her back a bit, instinctively he reached out for her, grabbing her, pulling her to him, both of their eyes wide with surprise. “Sorry about that. I don’t know where my head is… are you okay?”
A bit winded she put her hand on his chest to steady herself. The heat from his body radiated underneath her fingertips. “I… I’m… okay?” She looked up at him questioningly and he chuckled. Steadying her on her feet he stepped back and extended his hand.
“I’m Alex.”
She smiles, taking the offered hand, “I’m Shannon. I am on my way to work. We’ll have to run in to each other again sometime.”
Jayden laughs easily waving over his shoulder at her. “Have fun at work!”

He slowed his pace. ‘Feast or famine,’ he thought as he took in her looks with a brief appreciative glance.
She caught the look and raised an eyebrow. His easy grin slipping easily in place, starting his introductions once more, “Hi, I-”
“Save it. I’m sure some giggly girl will be along shortly that will care who you are.”
He laughed openly, shaking his head. Jayden had been put in his place. She was a feisty one. “Fair enough. In the meantime, you’re here and a girl is not.” Once more her eyebrow shoots up, this time accompanied by an amused grin. “Name’s Alex, I’ll see you around.” With a quick wink, he moved to go around her, their arms brushing against each other. No point in conversing with someone who has no interest in speaking with you.
She spoke to his retreating back, “Be at the park tonight… 9… don’t be late.” He stopped short, did he hear right? He turned to ask her but she was gone. He looked around finding she was no where in sight and scratched his head confused.
His pace slowed considerably, his mind swimming with the possibilities. This could be a set up, this could be the start of a great friendship, this could be the night he gets some. He stopped and grinned. One way to find out.

He didn’t want to appear anxious or desperate yet he wasn’t keen on being late either. He found himself in a bit of a dilemma. He spotted her easy enough. She was strolling through the park glancing occasionally at the starry night sky. He walked up behind her glancing at the sky as well. “It’s a beautiful night.”
She didn’t skip a step, didn’t flinch in fear, kept strolling easily, confident, assured, “It is. I love the park at night. No crowds, plenty of fresh air, and the view of the sky is breathless.”
They continued walking together in a comfortable silence. She finally broke the silence. “You’re either too trusting, desperate, or foolish.”
He shrugged, “None of the above.”

She stopped and turned towards him. He had her full attention now. “Oh?” She smiled and leaned in, inhaling. “You showered. A sure sign of desperation.”
He threw his head back and laughed, “I showered as a sure sign of perspiration. If you recall, I had been out jogging.”
She stepped closer to him, he could feel her breath on his neck. They touched with out touching, their bodies inches apart, he swallowed hard. Making no move towards her following her lead, she lifts her face to him, her lips parted. His eyes searching hers for any sign of what she wanted from him.

He leans forward, their cheeks inches apart, his breath tickling her ear, “Curious.”
Her breath caught in a small gasp, “I see.” She softly placed a hand on his shoulder, running her lips lightly across his jaw, lifting her face towards him once more.
His hands found her slender waist, guiding her closer to him, she didn’t resist, she lifted herself up on tippy toes softly pressing her lips to his in a gentle kiss. He looked at her with a small smirk and leaned in once more for another kiss, this one grew hungrier with their passion.

She pressed her body to his, feeling how much he wanted her. She moaned, matching his hunger with her own, their tongues dancing together. At long last she pulls back breathlessly and smiles, “RiiIIiiing.”
He leaned in for one more kiss before suggesting a more private location, when he was abruptly and rudely interrupted by his cell phone. He groped under his pillow for his cell phone. He pulled himself up in to a sitting position, ran his hand through his hair and looked around his empty lot sighing to himself.

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Anonymous said...

Awww crap. Poor Alex. That was some sexy dream, though.

SuziCat said...

Aw, you tricked me! :-) But it had to really happen for you to have pics of it, right??? Good update--both funny and romantic!

Anjel76 said...

Awww MAN!! And here I thought he was gonna GET some!! You tricked ALL of us, ruby!! How COULD you! *tickles ruby* *grins*

Sally said...

Teehee, you got me too! Nice update ;)

Jen said...

You psyched us out! Haha. Very clever.

Kerry said...

That's Monika, right? My Legacy founder married her!