Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The day started... Page 2

The game was a disaster. Don shined while he looked like such an amateur. Karma is a bitch and he had it coming. He never should have treated Constance that way. Sure he needed her but maybe she needed him to understand. Maybe he over reacted. Maybe. He had to find her. He simply needed to find out why. Don was offered the job in the pros. Jayden was beside himself with guilt and regret.

Constance wasn’t at the gym. Why would she be? It was late. His stomach cramped. He still hadn’t eaten. Nausea kicked in. He gripped his middle wincing. He growled to no one in particular, “Okay. I get it. I was an ass. Can I get some slack? Just a little? Huh?!”
Jayden left the gym and went to Constance’s home, to her favorite spots, any where he could imagine she may be at this late hour. She was no where to be found. He refused to go home. He couldn’t rest until he found her and begged her for forgiveness.

He camped camping on her front porch. Morning broke and he still hadn’t found her. He made the rounds once more of her favorite places. Where could she be? He felt desperate. Panic welled in his chest.

Jayden’s luck was changing. He finally caught up to Constance at her parent’s home. She was tending their garden when he walked up. “Constance!”
Constance didn’t bother looking up at him, “Yes, Jayden.”
Jayden ran up to her, relief flooding him at finding her safe fighting the urge to grab her and shake her for worrying him. “I’m sorry. I should have let you tell me why you weren’t coming to the game. I should have listened. I was a jerk. I… I’m sorry.”
Constance stood, wiping her soiled hands on her pants and looked at him. Was that sadness in her eyes? He wasn’t sure. Karma. She’s a cruel, cold hearted bitch. He reached out for her, she shrunk back from him shaking her head, “I’ve met someone. It’s over.”

Jayden was thrown. His anger barely maintained, “You met someone… who? Who!”
Her eyes narrowed and she turned her back on him, “Angel. Angel Lobos.”
He shook his head slowly, “Coach?”
Constance looked back to him once more, urgency in her words and actions. “Run Jayden. They will be looking for you. Nadine’s death wasn’t an accident. They’re looking for you.”
Jayden was taken aback. Not an accident, Angel, Nadine, Constance. What was she saying? Sirens could be heard in the distance. His eyes widened. “Con…”
Tears in her eyes she shook her head and pushed him away, “Run, Jayden. Be safe. Run!”

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