Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Arriving... Page 2

He made it at last. He stared in amazement at the lot. There was no way this could be the right address, he had to be wrong. The view was breathtaking. He pulled the slip of paper out of his pocket once more and noted the address on the side of the mailbox, 15 Summer Hill Court. He let out a low whistle as he took in the view once more. He walked to the edge of the plot of land, his plot of land and looked over the cliff at the ocean below.
Dropping his bag under a nearby tree, he sat leaning against it for a few hours simply taking in the sight.
He winced and looked around. He stunk. He needed a shower desperately. His new ‘home’ was an empty lot. Not a stick of furniture, not even four walls and a roof. Glancing behind him at the massive empty lot he grinned. It may be empty, he thought, but it’s his.

He grabbed up his bag and headed back to town. A shower would be very good right now. His stomach rumbled… or more accurately his bowels. A toilet would be good, too. Like a fish to water, he found himself in front of the gym. He chuckled. Figures out of everything in town, he would end up here instinctively. His stomach gurgled again. Without hesitation he high tailed it inside in search of the men’s locker room.

Jayden stopped in his tracks. She took his breath away and she knew it from the taunting look she cast at him. He let out a low whistle of appreciation and grinned at her. Batting her eyes she walked towards the women’s locker room. Giving him a courtesy glance over the shoulder as he watched her walk, she paused, slowing her pace, a typical move by a woman that wants to be approached. Noting he made no move towards her, she tossed her hair with a huff and went through the door.
Chuckling he went to the men’s locker room. He was in no hurry to find a woman. After losing Constance, his heart wasn’t ready for another round with heartache. Besides, what did he have to offer a woman at this time? A big empty lot, an empty bank account, a fake name and no job… Jayden was definitely a catch for some lucky lady.

Jayden stood in the shower letting the hot water roll over his aching body. Running his fingers through his hair he could feel the stress of the past few days slip away. As he bathed he made mental notes of what he needed to accomplish in the near future. There were so many things he needed to do. He felt overwhelmed.
First things first… he needed money. He couldn’t simply live off of free park food handouts, apples and eventually the owner of the gym will notice he’s taking his showers here every day.

Jayden had stopped by the library on his way home. Home, the sound of it still sounded absurd to him given there wasn’t an actual building on the lot. He perused it carefully noting the ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’s about gardening.
While walking around his lot he noticed a small neglected garden. He figured he could nurture this garden and perhaps grow his own food. He hadn’t thought to be a vegetarian, but if he was going to survive this, he wasn’t going to be too picky. He glanced across the street noting the pond and made another mental note to find himself a pole and tackle. Maybe he could take up fishing… of course there is the issue of a way to actually cook the fish. Sighing he put the book in his bag, went under the trees threw the strap over a branch hoisting it up and settled in to take a nap.

Tomorrow was another day… maybe he’ll get lucky and find an odd job somewhere. Oh ya, his luck was changing for the better… he could feel it.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Judy sounds nice. Too bad her man is an asshat.

Yum, steak! That's sim-Lisa's fave food.

If Alex works out a little, the gym owner would prolly think nothing of him taking a shower there.

Wait just a minute. Just what is a burglar going to take if there are no walls or furniture there?

SuziCat said...

Very intriguing! Maybe he'll see that girl again, when he's better off! :-)

Anjel76 said...

Interesting people he's met thus far. And ... HEY! That looks like Ruby! :O)) *LOL*

And I think the girl at the pool is too much into her own damn self to really truly care about anyone else.

Man ... I'd probably feel overwhelmed, too, if I was suddenly ripped away from all I knew. :O((


Tracy said...

Your writing just pulls the reader into the story.. awesome!

Yeah... that girl looked like she knew she was "all that". pfft.

Nice to know the man's got a plan or is trying to come up with one at least.

Tiari said...

Hey! I found your blog linked on someone else's blog as their favourite reads, so I thought I'd check it out. I must say, I am LOVING your legacy story so far, I can't wait to find out what happens next. It's so creative!

Jen said...

I don't know how I got behind on this legacy, but I'm catching up now...and it's simply brilliant! You are living up to the very promising backstory you laid out for Jayden. I mean, Alex. ;) Off to read the next post!